App for collaboratively writing documents combining real-time editing with forking and merging of documents through merge requests and discussion. This allows scaling up collaborative authoring of documents to a large community of users. Used by The Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil, to write their 5 years strategic plan allowing everyone at the university to collaborate and contribute.

Description | Deployment at UNIFESP | Source code


PeerMind is a community decision making tool incorporating online discussions, summarization, and voting on proposals. It aims to optimize collective attention used by a community to make decisions. Used by Cloyne, a 140-large student housing coop house of Berkeley Student Cooperative.

Deployment at Cloyne | Source code


PeerLibrary is a collaborative reading platform where users can share insights and exchange feedback through annotations on PDF documents of academic publications. Annotations can be made public and be shared with other readers to help them better understand those publications.

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wlan slovenia

The wlan slovenia open wireless network is an initiative for deployment of open and free community wireless network across all Slovenia through collaboration and with use of off-the-shelf widely available equipment. Volunteers coordinated through the nodewatcher platform to deploy more than 1000 WiFi nodes.

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